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The Organic Pharmacy stopped by to tell us why rose is more than just a Valentine's gift and how you can show your skin some love. As we all know, our skin is the largest organ in our body, it covers our muscles and tissues and protects us from the environment, which means that we should never take it for granted. Every woman loves getting roses for Valentine’s Day but did you know that roses are also an essential ingredient in your beauty routine? Here are a dozen reasons to switch to skincare products with rose in them:
  1. Rose is cooling, making it fantastic for skin prone to redness
  2. Rose is a complex mixture of over 300 compounds
  3. Rose id high in quercetin, which inhibits the enzymes that break down elastin
  4. Rose contains nicotinamide, which helps strengthen capillaries
  5. It takes 40,000kg of rose petals to make 1kg of rose oil, making rose oil more expensive than gold
  6. The polyphenols, anthocyanins and carotenoids promote cell regeneration
  7. Three compounds that contribute to the unique smell of roses, beta-damascenone, beta damascene and beta-ionone have antioxidant cell regenerating properties
  8. Anthocyanins, compounds which give rose its rich colour, have been shown to protect cells from photo
  9. Rose oil is well known for its uplifting and antidepressant action
  10. Rose is rich in quercitannic acid and gallic acid, which are astringent, reducing redness and minimising pore
  11. The natural oils and extracts in rose keep the skin hydrated
  12. Rose is a superstar for dry, sensitive skin

Our Favourite Rose Products:

The Rose Balm

Packed with seven super plant oils from argan, pomegranate, rose hip and calendula to nourish, repair and keep the skin and any part of the body looking fabulous.

Rose Diamond Face Cream

A rich, luxurious cream that transforms your skin in an instant. The worlds most lavish natural ingredients come together to create an innovative new treatment cream that plumps and firms skin, while adding a dazzling glow.

Rose Diamond Eye Cream

An intensely hydrating global eye contour treatment to instantly minimise the appearance of lines, wrinkles, bags, dark circles and puffiness around the eye area.

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