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Encouraging the feeling of happiness can sometimes take a little effort when you're having a bad day. There are things in life which can get out of our control or can take a little more time to resolve such as stresses at work or family issues. However, there are plenty of things which you can try to make you feel good on the spot and guarantee you a boost when you need it throughout the day. 1 Play your favourite song We challenge you to try and NOT smile when you hit 'play' on your favourite song. Whether you sit and enjoy just one song for three minutes or create a playlist to get you through an hour. Listening to some feel good music can calm your mood and pick you straight back up. 2 Boost your nutrients When your body feels good, so will your mind! Give your body a regular boost of feel good foods which are packed with energy-enhancing vitamins such as bananas, oats, lentils, or spinach. 3 Express gratitude Even a small act of gratitude can help you feel better. When you make people feel good by saying "thank you", it, in turn, makes you feel all warm inside! banner_08Feb17_9 4 Straighten up Our posture can determine how we look and feel. If you are walking around with your shoulders slumped over then you're going to feel dragged down with them. Straighten your posture, pull your shoulders back and walk with purpose! 5 Make plans Having something to look forward to will always make you happier. Plan coffee with a friend, dinner with your family or a simple weekend walk. 6 Learn something new Mix up your routine a little bit and learn something new. Whether you have 5 minutes or an hour to spare, there are so many online tutorials and books which can leave you with endless opportunities to learn something new. Learn to count to 10 in a new language, watch a makeup tutorial to utilise the next day or learn a fact from history. Broadening your mind will not only lift your spirits but it can deter you from what was bringing you down in the first place. 7 Show kindness Have you ever smiled at someone in the street and they've smiled back, leaving you with a smile on your face for longer? Showing kindness to other people, just like expressing gratitude, is a great way to share the feeling of happiness. You get extra feel good points if you do something unexpected for someone. banner_08Feb17_7 8 Get outside Just a few minutes outdoors every day can give you a fresh perspective on what is troubling you. Try and get outdoors during your lunch break if you can before heading back to your desk or place of work. At the weekend, explore somewhere new in your town or city or head to the park. Being outside in nature and exposing yourself to some sunlight can instantly lift your spirit. 9 Hug a friend The nurturing feeling of a hug from someone can help build trust, make you feel safe and instantly comforted. Studies show that a 20-second hug releases oxytocin, otherwise known as the 'hug hormone', which reduces the physical effects of stress. Probably best to keep your hugs between friends and family, though, as hugging strangers and work colleagues may cross a few boundaries! 10 Get off the internet Last, but not least (we put it at the end to make sure you got to the end of the feature!), spend some time away from the internet. It seems we are spending too much time online and connected in one way or another. There are no limits, apart from the ones we impose on ourselves, to how long we spend online and tapping into other people's worlds. This can often lead to unrealistic feelings towards what other people are sharing, diminishing our happiness. Switch off, live in the real world for just a moment and notice what's going on around you. We hope you find something on our list to give you a burst of happiness throughout your day! Remember, don't let the little things in life steal your happiness!


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